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When someone owes payment to your business and disappears, United Credit and Collections Inc. is here to find them. Based in St Charles, Missouri, our debt collection professionals provide skip-tracing to ensure your debtors pay the money they owe you.

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When you are having a problem recovering money, we are here to help. Our specialists offer multiple services, including third-party collections, payment monitoring, skip-tracing, legal, and litigation services. We collect for student loans, retail accounts, and court judgments. Our professionals also collect from tenants who have vacated apartment complexes and left property damage.

Where Credit Is Due

Additionally, our associates offer online Credit Bureau reporting. We report your debt to the major credit bureaus in the country,, including TransUnion™, Equifax™, and Experian™. Your accounts are  updated to the bureaus every 30 days.

Our services include detailed reporting your activity, payment logging, and collection success rate. We deliver all this information to the client electronically. As a bonded and insured company with experience to collect on the debt, we reduce your costs and increase cash flow. We are paid on a contingency fee-based only system. Therefore, if there is no collection paid, then you do not pay us.